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We Build Websites With User Experience In Mind

Modern design, clean user experience, and fast page speed performance are the foundation of all of our websites. From this core we create responsive websites, online properties and digital products fully customized to your brand. We believe websites should be attractive, easy to use and have a sense of purpose – we help deliver that.


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Our Approach To Web Design

We take a strategic, methodical approach to each and every web design project we engage in. We start each project by working with the client to understand the goals and desires for their website and then create a pixel-perfect wireframe which acts as the blueprint for the entire web design project. We then begin by constructing the site in static HTML5, CSS, Javascript and any frontend frameworks we may be utilizing, like React. Finally, once our frontend website is complete, we then integrate with the content management system or data source of the client's choosing, for example, Wordpress. This strategic approach to web design ensures that projects stay on schedule, on budget and result in a digital product that our client's love.

Our Web Design Process

Responsive Web Design

We understand just how much browsing is done using mobile devices, and as such we put a priority on responsive web design and premium mobile website user experience. We build each and every one of our websites to be 100% responsive - this means that no matter what device or browser you are using to access the website that you will have a consistent, premium user experience. We utilize a fluid framework to create flexible, usable website layouts for every device or environment.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile-First Web Design

A recent trend in website design, especially e-commerce design, is using mobile-first web design. Mobile-First website design is an approach to web design where the layout and components are designed for the smallest devices first and then scaled up as opposed to the other way around. This approach ensures that users will always have a premium, consistent user experience on mobile devices, not just a resized version of a desktop website. By creating a strategic concept for the mobile user experience, websites will see higher mobile conversion rates and more engaged customers.

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