Digital Marketing

Drive measurable results by positioning your brand message in front of the right audience.

The core of any digital marketing campaign is developing a powerful brand message that resonates with it's target audience. No matter the advertising medium or channel of delivery, if the message that you are paying to promote does not connect with it's audience, your digital marketing campaign will never realize it's full potential. We create engaging digital content to deliver your brand message and syndicate it using the latest in digital advertising tactics and strategies.


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Grow Brand Visibility

Digital marketing is an excellent way to grow brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate qualified leads and increase overall customer engagements. We utilize data-driven campaigns to put your digital marketing content in front of the ideal customers based on finely targeted audience identification and optimization tactics. Our digital marketing campaigns focus primarily on driving ROI for our clients, maximizing the value of each ad dollar spent.

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Social Media Marketing

We utilize social media marketing platforms, strategic marketing funnels, and the latest in social media marketing strategies and tactics to create social advertising campaigns that deliver actionable results. Implementing tools like creative digital media assets, lead magnets, landing pages, sales funnel pages, engaging ad copy, and constant testing and optimization, our campaigns are multi-faceted, geared towards multiple conversion types and customer engagement models.

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Digital Media Creation

The digital marketing landscape is becoming more and more broad every day, and as a result advertisers are dedicating more time, effort and creativity to the digital content being used in advertisements. Proper Noun creates cutting edge digital media creative that performs across multiple platforms and clients, allowing your brand to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of your audience.

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