On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization, or on-page SEO, is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Whether you are a local business or a large-scale ecommerce store, having strong on-page optimization is crucial before attempting to improve your search engine rankings. On-page optimization focuses on a few primary areas: content optimization, metadata optimization, website page speed, website usability, and server optimization.


Strong SEO Starts With The Fundamentals

Best Practices. Organic Approach.

Maintaining a well-optimized website requires an understanding of the more than 200 factors that Google considers when indexing websites.

Website Audit

Before starting on-page optimization, we perform both manual and automated crawls of the website. We look at more than 200 individual signals, potential errors, and website configurations. We then prepare a comprehensive report detailing all of the items that need to be addressed in order of importance, along with the suggested fixes.

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Page Speed Optimization

One of the most important website ranking factors as of late is how fast your website loads. It is also important to measure website load times for both desktop and mobile browsers, as they are measured differently. Proper Noun has the background and expertise to identify page speed bottlenecks and to develop efficient solutions to page speed problems.

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Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is one of the most powerful audits we offer. A competitive gap analysis compares your website to 3-4 of your top organic search competitors. We are then able to identify any and all of the keywords that your competitors may be ranking for that you do not. This analysis not only provides us with a new target keyword list but also usually provides lots of great ideas for on-site content.

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Content Gap Analysis

A content gap analysis is similar to a competitive gap analysis, however, it deals with the onsite content, not the keyword rankings. We begin by crawling each of your competitor's websites and establishing a sitemap and content silo map for each. We then compare the existing content silo's, and the depth of the pages in each silo. We are then able to design a content strategy for your website based on the gaps in content compared to your competitors.

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URL Structures

Clean, easy to read URLs are very important when it comes to on-page optimization. Your page URLs should also be as concise and descriptive as possible. If your page URLs are too long or are non-descriptive, you're not giving Google as much information as you could be about the content of your page. This puts your website at an immediate disadvantage compared to your competitors.

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Internal Linking

Internal linking is an excellent way to give Google context clues as to how to index a page. Internal linking also helps Google crawlers find their way around your website more easily. This means that you will end up having more of your pages indexed in the search engine more quickly. Internal linking is also a great way to pass "link juice" between pages on your website. If you're not using internal linking, you're missing out!

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Site Errors

Website errors are one of the more difficult things for regular website owners to identify. Website errors can also have some of the greatest negative impacts on your search engine rankings if not addressed immediately. We use a series of tools to identify errors like 404 errors, 500 errors, redirect errors and several others that could be impacting your website, and then implement the solutions needed.

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Mobile Usability

Mobile usability has also become an extremely important ranking factor as of late. Many website owners don't realize that just because you have a mobile website does not mean that it passes all of the important usability tests. Mobile usability includes things like making sure clickable elements are large enough, that all text is large enough to be readable, and that elements don't extend outside of the viewport.

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Success in the search engines depends on how the search engine crawlers are able to understand and index your website. If your website isn't fully optimized, you're putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Our expert SEO team is ready to start optimizing your website.

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We'll run our comprehensive website audit on up to 10 pages of your website absolutely free. We look at a number of factors including page speed, server configuration, metadata optimization, image optimization and much more. Our website audits only take about 3-5 days to complete and contain a ton of valuable information that you can use to improve your search rankings - even if you don't hire us!

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We have been working with Proper Noun for several years and on several projects. They are always responsive, accessible, honest, and completely organized. If you have hired web developers before, you can appreciate the value of these traits. We feel very fortunate to have found Adam and will continue to work with him and the team at proper noun for as long as they'll have us. :) Thank you guys for your amazing work!

Bryant Smallwood

Smallwood's Yachtwear


It took us a while to find a company who could accomplish what we needed for our website. It was well worth the wait. Adam and his team was a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded our expectations. They were always avaible to answer any questions we had. Any ideas we had they would expand on them to make them much better. Their attitude was always positive and upbeat. They delivered a remarkable new modern design to our website ahead of schedule and was always there for us when we wanted to tweak something. Upon launching our new design, we have had record sales numbers. Thank you Adam and your team for your hard work and dedication and we look forward to working with you guys on our next projects.

Tito De La Vega


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