Ad Retargeting Services

Retargeting ads are specifically designed to literally follow your website visitors around the internet. When a user exits your website without converting, they are then tagged by our retargeting software. Once the user is tagged, they will continue to see your brands ads across websites, social media channels, and thousands of applications.


Why Use Ad Retargeting?

The real question is why not use retargeting. Retargeting is effective because it focuses directly on people who have already engaged with your brand. The cost for retargeting ads is generally far lower on a cost per thousand impressions basis and converts at a much higher rate.

Social Media Retargeting

Once a prospect has left your site, we use social media retargeting to bring them back. We can reintroduce them to your products or services over and over again via the social media networks they're already browsing. We’ll help you to win back potential customers who exited the site or invite existing customers back to the site for a special offer.

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Search Retargeting

Search retargeting allows us to target certain users with display ads based on their keyword search behavior on Google or any other search engine. Because search history captures intent to take action, search retargeting can often lead to a much higher return on your investment. Search retargeting also works very well when combined with other forms of retargeting like social media retargeting.

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Product Remarketing

Most online shoppers do not convert on their very first visit to a website. Many online shoppers will search for a couple of hours or even a couple of days before committing and making a purchase. Give yourself an advantage over the competition by continuously positioning your brand or offer in front of an engaged audience. Improve conversion rates by pitching the customers who browsed and abandoned a shopping cart.

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Email Retargeting

Email retargeting, also known as cart abandonment emails, are emails sent to customers who have left the shopping cart mid-checkout. When a customer has started the checkout process, one of the first fields they fill is their email address. If a customer doesn't complete the checkout process, they are sent a reminder email 12-24 hours later to remind them they have items in their cart. Many times you can also include a small discount to act as an incentive.

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We have been working with Proper Noun for several years and on several projects. They are always responsive, accessible, honest, and completely organized. If you have hired web developers before, you can appreciate the value of these traits. We feel very fortunate to have found Adam and will continue to work with him and the team at proper noun for as long as they'll have us. :) Thank you guys for your amazing work!

Bryant Smallwood

Smallwood's Yachtwear


It took us a while to find a company who could accomplish what we needed for our website. It was well worth the wait. Adam and his team was a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded our expectations. They were always avaible to answer any questions we had. Any ideas we had they would expand on them to make them much better. Their attitude was always positive and upbeat. They delivered a remarkable new modern design to our website ahead of schedule and was always there for us when we wanted to tweak something. Upon launching our new design, we have had record sales numbers. Thank you Adam and your team for your hard work and dedication and we look forward to working with you guys on our next projects.

Tito De La Vega

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