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We're passionate about clean, purposeful design, utilizing the latest web technologies to build powerful digital products, and crafting brand messaging and digital marketing campaigns that are backed by clear strategies and powerful stories and executed with vision and efficiency.

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Proper Noun is a web design company and digital marketing studio located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in web design, WordPress web development, app development, e-commerce web design, branding and brand strategy, SEO, and digital marketing.

We always focus on crafting engaging messaging paired with a clean user experience in our design. We believe that excellent website design contains not only great aesthetics, but also functionality and usability. We utilize this same approach in our digital marketing and content creation campaigns.

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We know that a strong business is built with exceptional branding, and make sure to center every campaign we create around the brand’s core message.


One of our primary focuses as an agency is delivering top of the line digital products that utilize the latest and greatest web technologies.


We know that building a successful brand online is about running strategic, impactful digital media campaigns that built brand awareness and focus on ROI.

A team of creatives, marketers, and technical specialists with a passion for meaningful design.

This Is How We Do It

Our Strategic

Whether we are taking on a branding project, web development project, or a digital marketing project, we employ the same strategic approach to each situation.

By starting with a specific strategic message or goal in mind, and building each aspect of the project to move the customers toward the goal, we are able to successfully reproduce project results.

Process Machine
  • Strategy

    We start every project or campaign with a deep dive in to the core message behind the brand to develop an overall campaign direction and strategy.

  • Concept Creation

    Once we’ve finished creating our overall project strategy, we then begin the creation of various concept for creative, tactics, deliverables, and more.

  • Design

    After the completion of our project concept, we begin the phase for both creative assets as well as the design of any campaign tactics.

  • Product Development

    Once our design phase is complete, we begin product development. Depending on the engagement, this could be anything from a web application to a full-scale digital marketing funnel.

  • Brand Growth

    Once we’ve completed product development and gone to production, we then work with our client’s towards continued growth of brand awareness and visibility.

Leadership Team

Meet Our Team

Proper Noun is made up of a diverse group of experienced designers, web developers and digital marketers from around the United States and the world.

In addition to the core team, Proper Noun also retains an extensive network of professionals from various disciplines that we collaborate on a variety of creative projects.

Adam Hodson

Adam Hodson

Co-Founder / Technology

Chris Halavacs

Chris Halavacs

Co-Founder / Design

Adam Hodson

Alex Gallner


Web Design Company in Fort Lauderdale

Proper Noun is a web design company and so much more. Our principals are each experts in their own fields of branding, design, digital marketing and web development. Our core focus has traditionally been website design and development, however our team is also passionate about creating great content and providing SEO services. We have worked with small businesses, emerging brands, and even companies on the Fortune 500.

We have also recently started offering Internet marketing and digital marketing services as a digital marketing agency. As a full service digital agency, we specialize in Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Google advertising and much more.

When you work with Proper Noun, you know you are working with a top web design firm. When we build a custom website we focus on creating a cutting edge, mobile friendly responsive web design. As a result, we have become one of the top web design companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the greater South Florida area. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your online presence, contact us today.